Maldives-Pakistan Agreement – a move to betray India

New Delhi: The Maldives, who with the help of China has weakened India’s influence, is now striving to develop close ties with Pakistan. It has come to the fore that a few days ago, Maldives’ ‘State Electricity Company’ (STELCO), signed an agreement with Pakistan related to the power sector. While most ‘STELCO’ jobs are with the Chinese companies, this agreement with Pakistan is proving to be a surprise element.

maldives, pakistan, agreement, indiaA four-member delegation of ‘STELCO’ was on a visit to Pakistan a few days ago. They met Muzammil Hussain, the Chairman of Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority, in Lahore. During this visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Pakistan.

China’s funds and its technical support is involved in the major power projects, which are presently ongoing in Pakistan, while most of the power project contracts in the Maldives are with the Chinese companies. On this background, the agreement between the two nations and the support inclination depicted by Pakistan draws everyone’s attention.

During the situation of political instability, which arose in the Maldives a few months ago, India had supported the former presidents and had pressurised to take actions against existing President, Abdulla Yameen. However, China shocked India, after having supported Yameen. Since then, the President of Maldives has taken a consistent stand against India and emphasized on breaking relations with India.

The Maldives had withdrawn from the ‘Milan’ naval exercise, which took place in the Indian ocean. At the same time, the Maldives is preparing to return back to the two ‘Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters’, which India had gifted to it. The Maldives is also opposing the visa renewal of the Indian Army officials who are posted there . The ‘Work Visa’ for Indian citizens is also being denied in the Maldives.

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