The US President freshly proposes to mediate in the India-China border dispute

Washington: – US President Donald Trump has once again offered to mediate in the border dispute between India and China saying ‘The situation on the Indo-Chinese border is extremely grim. The United States is in talks with India as well as China. There is a major dispute between the two countries regarding the Indo-Chinese border. There has also been violent conflict between the armies. The United States is closely monitoring the developments in that region. The United States is trying to assist both countries in resolving the dispute.’

Last week, on the 15th of June, in the act of betrayal, China launched an attack inside the Indian territory. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the attack. Chinese soldiers attacked the Indian soldiers with Iron rods, sticks and stones. Many Chinese soldiers were killed in the retaliatory attack launched by the Indian soldiers. But China has not declared the number of deaths, to date. Following this incident in the Galwan valley, India, who has become aggressive against China, is receiving massive support on the international level.

Many US senior officials including, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has taken an open stand that the fault lies with China. Secretary of State, Pompeo even offered condolences to the martyred Indian soldiers. The State Department officials informed that Pompeo raised the issue of Indo-Chinese border dispute, even during the talks with senior Chinese leader Yang Jiechi. Against this background, President Trump indicating, once again, his willingness to mediate in the Indo-Chinese border dispute becomes significant.

Before this, even in the last month, Trump had created a sensation by making a statement regarding Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while indicating his willingness to mediate in the India-China dispute. President Trump had created a sensation with his statement ‘A major dispute has flared up between India and China. I talked with Indian Prime Minister Modi. He was not at all in a good mood. China too is unhappy about this.’

President Trump proposed to mediate in the India-China dispute saying ‘India and China both are countries with a population of 1.4 billion and both are strong military powers. If they need my cooperation in resolving the border dispute, I am willing to mediate.’

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