China trying to pressurise India with war exercises 

Beijing: China has made one more attempt to exert pressure on India, while there is tension reigning on the Ladakh border. The Global Times reported that China held an exercise to move a large number of soldiers and huge quantities of weapons, from the Hubei Province in central China to the northwestern border. The Global Times said that China has proved its capability to move military and defence equipment in a very short time to the border. At the same time, the Chinese government newspaper also mentioned the tension on the Ladakh border.  

Discussions were held between senior military officers from India and China. But China has demonstrated that it is not serious about resolving the border dispute, by holding this war exercise. On the other hand, China wants to send a message that it wants to dominate the region, keeping India under pressure. Another Chinese intention is to prove that it can move military and defence equipment within hours, to the border, and can even use it in cases of conflict. The Chinese military will have to retreat within a few days. The Chinese government is vying to show that China had the upper hand in the dispute, to the people in China, while retreating from the border.  

Lieutenant General Harinder Singh of the Indian Army and Major General Liu Lin of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, held discussions on Saturday. India recorded a reaction that the talks were held in a conducive environment. Chinese official reaction also is on similar lines. Therefore, both the countries seem to be taking care, not to fester the dispute. While China is exhibiting this caution, it is trying to portray that it is extremely superior on the military front. Therefore, even while withdrawing from Ladakh, it wants to create a façade that it was India that backed down. The concerned war exercise is a part of the same Chinese preparations. Most countries in the world are infuriated with China for improper handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. The United States and Australia have initiated a spate of actions against China. In the current scenario, the Chinese activities in the South China Sea are adding to the concerns for other countries too. The International community is severely criticising China over the Hongkong and Taiwan issues. Whereas, US President Trump made China backtrack in the US airlines issue, with action against China. In these circumstances, the Chinese government is attempting to save its face by taking an aggressive stand in the border dispute with India. But China is fully aware, India cannot be hurt beyond a certain limit. The access to the India marketplace and awareness that the global opinion in favour of India will prevent China from taking any aggressive steps against India. But the Indian analysts have warned that China will continue with the ploys to try and pressurise India, using different ways. 

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