China prepares to enter Afghanistan after US military withdrawal

Beijing/Islamabad – China has started preparations to dominate Afghanistan by taking advantage of the US military withdrawal. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will be visiting Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan between 12th and 16th July. The Afghanistan issue will be the chief reason for this visit. The Chinese foreign ministry claimed that China would establish stability in Afghanistan and ensure regional peace. But accusations are rife that China is eyeing the mineral wealth of USD 3 trillion. China has also started moves to increase trade with the central Asian countries using Afghanistan. China intends to use Pakistan for this purpose, and Pakistan has indicated that it is willing to follow the Chinese orders.


China, Afghanistan, US military, Afghan army, PakistanTalks have started that the Taliban will rule Afghanistan after the US military withdrawal. Analysts have begun discussing whether China will fill the vacuum created by the US military withdrawal. Renowned Chinese origin analyst Gordon Chang has claimed that China will be stuck in Afghan quicksand, known as the graveyard of superpowers. But China is preparing to dominate Afghanistan after a proper assessment of the situation there. Chinese Foreign Minister is proceeding on a visit to Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, only for this purpose. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said that the highest priority would be attached to the peace in Afghanistan during the visit and claimed that this would ensure regional stability. While these claims are being published, Pakistani Internal Security Minister Sheikh Rashid also announced, during a press conference, that China has devised a big plan for Afghanistan.

China has announced an investment of USD 400 million in Iran. Saying that China cannot go ahead with this investment without peace and stability in Afghanistan, Sheikh Rashid said that, therefore, Chinese interests are involved in Afghanistan. At the same time, Rashid claimed that Pakistan would assist China in Afghanistan. Consequently, it is becoming clear that China will dominate Afghanistan by using the Taliban through Pakistan. Taliban also has announced that Chinese investments will be welcome in Afghanistan.

China, Afghanistan, US military, Afghan army, PakistanChina has the ambition to trade with the oil and mineral-rich central Asian countries, using the Afghan land. The Pakistan Internal Security Minister claimed that the plan to take the railway to Uzbekistan and connect Pakistan and Afghanistan on the way could be activated soon. This Chinese ambition has been especially exposed. At the same time, Afghanistan has a mineral wealth of nearly USD 3 trillion, and it is no secret that China is eyeing this mineral wealth. But China will not make the mistake of sending the military for this purpose. Some of the analysts claim that it will use Pakistan as a contractor to achieve its objectives. At the same time, some say that the United States will not let this happen and have expressed a suspicion that there is a huge plan by the United States behind this.

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