China, Germany and Turkey oppose US sanctions against Iran

Third World WarBeijing/Berlin/Ankara: Russia had announced that it will continue its relations with Iran while refuting the United States’ sanctions against Iran. Following Russia’s footsteps, China, Germany and Turkey have declared that they will also not accept the sanctions against Iran. The United States has already announced that the countries maintaining trade relations with Iran will also fall within the purview of the sanctions. Thus, it appears that China, Germany and Turkey have decided to stand in opposition of the United States on the issue of the sanctions against Iran.

China has criticised the United States’ sanctions against Iran terming them as unilateral and outside the legal framework. The Chinese Foreign ministry declared that China will continue its trade relations with Iran stating that the Iran nuclear deal is within the framework of international rules. By saying ‘the Chinese trade cooperation with Iran is transparent, clean, legal and within the limits of the rules laid down by the United Nations Security Council,’ the Chinese Foreign ministry further warned that the United States should respect the rights of China.

china, germany, turkey, us, iranThe German Foreign ministry also justified the nuclear deal with Iran. German Foreign Minister Haiko Mass warned that US President Donald Trump had made a big mistake by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. But Germany will not repeat the mistake and will remain firm on the Iran nuclear deal, he said. He further added that the nuclear deal guarantees European security and therefore Germany will make all the efforts to save the deal. Mass also warned that an attempt to isolate Iran with sanctions, will only strengthen the extremists. This German stand is clearly against the United States’ position.

Turkey, who has taken a stance against the United States since the last few months, also said that it will continue its trade relations with Iran. Turkish economy is dependent on Iranian crude. Therefore, Turkey will continue the oil trade with Iran without being pressurised by the sanctions, said the Turkish energy Minister Fatih Donmez. A special delegation will be visiting the United States to discuss this matter, said Donmez.

On Monday, President Trump announced fresh and harsher sanctions against Iran and warned other countries having trade relations with Iran. It is clear that these ‘other’ countries are Russia, China and the European nations.

The European Union will be calling an emergency meeting to discuss the fresh sanctions imposed by the United States. The European Union has suggested that the European companies should continue their trade cooperation with Iran. But the Iranian government media have alleged that the big companies in Europe are not coming forward to cooperate with Iran because of the fear of the United States’ sanctions.

Meanwhile, the Iranian economy has been severely affected by the United States’ sanctions and the Iranian Rial has slid to 112 000 against a dollar. The Iranian economy can land into bigger trouble after the fresh sanctions. The Iranian populace agitated by this, has taken to the streets and are protesting against the policies of supreme religious leader Khamenei and President Rouhani. The protestors are accusing that the extremist policies of this government are responsible for the hardships faced by Iran.

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