Barakah nuclear project of UAE commissioned

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that the Barakah nuclear project, awaited since the last three years, has been commissioned. This is the first nuclear project in an Arab country. Western analysts have cautioned that the concerned nuclear project will increase the tension in the region.

Barakah nuclear project of UAE commissionedOne nuclear reactor, out of four, built with South Korean technology, was commissioned on Saturday. It is claimed that 25% of the UAE’s electricity needs will be fulfilled when the entire project is operational. The leaders in UAE reacted that the commissioning of the Barakah project makes it a historic day for UAE. UAE has said that this nuclear project is exclusively for civilian purposes. The Atomic Energy Commission of the United Nations also has welcomed the UAE project.

Barakah nuclear project of UAE commissionedBut there is a criticism that the Barakah nuclear project is a threat to the environment and the regional security. A few months ago, UAE’s neighbour, Qatar, also had accused that this project poses a challenge to its security. Qatar had said that this UAE project could lead to increased radiation leakages. British researcher Paul Dorfman had claimed that this project would add to the regional tension. Dorfman accused that security has not been taken into consideration while developing the Barakah nuclear project. Dorfman had pointed out that there is no air defence system for this project.

Meanwhile, tension is already prevailing in the region over the Iranian nuclear program. The United States has made preparations to impose fresh harsh sanctions against Iran to target its nuclear program. Iran has also announced that it is prepared to protect its nuclear projects.

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