‘Artificial Intelligence’ to be used to explore the space for aliens, US Senate to provide USD 10 mn for it

Washington: There are indications that the efforts to search for aliens will once again receive an impetus. The US Senate has taken an initiative and shall be making a provision of USD 10 million for this purpose. Senator, Lamar Smith of the Republican Party submitted this proposal. Indications are that Artificial Intelligence could be used to search for aliens and a related report was recently published in a scientific magazine in the United States.

As per the bill submitted in the US Congress, NASA-the space research organisation of the United States, will be provided with a fund of USD 10 million. This fund is allocated for the next two years and is to be used for the revival of the project ‘Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence’ (SETI). NASA had started this project in 1992. Two large telescopes had been erected for this project. The project was responsible for capturing the messages related to alien presence, with the help of the two telescopes stationed in Puerto Rico and California. Later, the project was wound up with a view that there should be no provision for such a project in the NASA budget. However, the efforts for revival of the SETI project have restarted with initiative from the ‘House Science Committee’ of the Congress. The bill submitted in the Congress raises the issue of using different technologies to intercept messages like radio signals for the next two years. What is significant is that the bill suggests the use of Artificial Intelligence for the search of aliens, instead of conventional systems.

A report regarding the same has been published in a science magazine called ‘Scientific American’. It has been suggested that the use of Artificial Intelligence will prove to be appropriate because outer space could have “life” with a different type of intelligence or with even more advanced intelligence than the humans. It has been claimed that the systems created through Artificial Intelligence would be able to implement possibilities and methods, which could seem inconceivable to human intelligence.

Doctor Jill Tarter, the former chief of SETI has expressed satisfaction on the proposed bill and its provisions. She claimed that it will be a major shift in the policies of the US Congress, if the bill is passed. Doctor Tarter also said that this project to be implemented by NASA will be a huge opportunity for researchers from all over the world.

Today, use of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly increasing in most of the fields and scientist and analysts have claim that in the next two decades, the systems based on this technology will surpass human intelligence.

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