More than 70 nations unite against terror financing in Paris

Paris: 70 countries have united against the funding that terrorist organisations like IS and Al-Qaeda receives. In a meeting held in Paris, last week, French President Emmanuel Macron had warned that many countries in the world are supporting terror-linked activites directly or indirectly through the organisations associated with terrorism and it is necessary to take stern action against these countries. The report published after this meeting envisages criminalising financing of terrorism and provides for sanctions against the person, group and/or country.

French President Emmanuel Macron had taken the initiative to organise the anti-terrorism conference. Representatives from 80 countries attended the two-day long conference. US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin, International Monetary Fund Chief Christine Lagarde, Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia as well as Qatar and David Lewis, the Director of the Financial Action Task Force attended the conference.

‘The threat of terrorism will not end soon. The terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda and the IS will continue with their attacks in different countries, killing innocent citizens. This can destabilise many countries. the international community needs to take more aggressive and firm stand to counter it, Macron clarified the objective behind the conference, He demanded harsh action against the anonymous funding to the terror organisations, bogus voluntary organisations and use of crowd funding.

The United States and western countries have taken an aggressive stance against the funding received by the terrorist and extremist organisations from the Middle East countries. Major countries in the Middle East had created a stir by holding Qatar responsible for funding terrorism and boycotting it. The resolution passed in the Paris conference is deemed significant against this background.

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