United States agrees to supply killer drones to India

New Delhi: The United States has approved supply of ‘Predator Drones’ to India, which were used by it to carry out attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan had pleaded with the United States not to supply the drones to India. The Pakistani analysts had expressed concerns about this. This underlines the importance of the 22 ‘Predator Drones’, being supplied to India and its transaction which is worth $ 3 billion, will further improve the strategic and military ties between India and the United States.


During his visit to the United States last June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had discussions about the “Predator Drones” with President Donald Trump. It has come to the fore that a ‘Letter of Request’ for 22 such drones was sent by India in the month of November. Earlier, the United States had expressed willingness to only supply drones for surveillance purposes. However, the United States has now approved the supply of ‘MQ-9 Ripper Drones’ to India, which also have capabilities to attack.

In view of the rising tension in the Middle East region, few of the United States allies had also demanded these drones. But the United States had not responded to their demand. The “MQ-9 Ripper Drones” are known by the name of “Predator B”. These human-less drones are capable of launching missiles and can carry surface-to-surface and anti-ship missiles. These killer drones are considered to be the most lethal weapons all over the world and have changed the face of new age warfare. The United States has successfully used these drones in counter terrorist strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. The drones are operated from a control centre and can accurately hit the target with a missile. The United States has succeeded in targeting many terrorists and their dreaded leaders without taking any sort of risks because of these drones.

Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale had visited the United States in the month of March. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had also visited the United States prior to this. The proposal for supply of ‘Predator Drones’ is said to be discussed during these visits. The reports about the decision of the United States to supply these drones to India were already making rounds in the Pakistani media. Pakistani former military officers and analysts had expressed deep concerns over the supply.

“India will use these drones to attack the terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir and other parts. The Indian army will not have any risk during these operations. India will deploy these drones in the Jammu-Kashmir border area and international line of control and target and kill the Pakistan sponsored terrorists trying to infiltrate in India,” are the concerns expressed by the former military officials in Pakistan. The Indian military analysts have expressed confidence that the acquisition of these drones will further strengthen the security of the country.

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