World faces destruction due to tensions between the nuclear countries like US and Russia 

Third World WarMoscow/London: Former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev issued a serious warning, ‘There is conflict and violence in all the corners across the world. Warships and fighter jets are being deployed everywhere. We don’t need this kind of situation. Until various countries possess weapons of mass destruction, the threat of a catastrophe looms large over the world.’ The INF treaty between the United States and Russia was scrapped a few months ago and important leaders and various groups are repeatedly warning of nuclear war and destruction ever since.  

The historic event of the demolition of the Berlin Wall will complete three decades in the next week. Gorbachev pointed to the threat of holocaust to the world during an interview given on this occasion. Gorbachev said, ‘All the countries in the world should wholeheartedly support the elimination of nuclear weapons. This is necessary for survival of the earth and the human race.’  

The former Russian President pointed out that although the cold war between the United States and Russia has ended, both the countries are in a state of Chile War and the issue of war in this cannot be ignored. It has been observed that the United States and Russia have both resumed nuclear testing after withdrawal from the INF. It has been revealed that the United States tested a newer version of the nuclear bomb and held exercises in Europe in the last month.  

Russia too has started a spate of nuclear tests since the withdrawal from the INF. More than five nuclear tests have been conducted in the last three months. At the same time, Russia is said to have tested the capabilities of the Nuclear Triad during the Strategic Nuclear Wargames held in October. NATO, United Nations and a leading country like the United Kingdom, also has expressed concerns over the nuclear activities initiated by the United States and Russia. 

Lord Howell, the President of the British ‘International Relations Committee,’ warned that for the first time since the cold war, a serious threat of nuclear war between the western countries and Russia has emerged. The Special Representative of the United Nations, Izumi Nakamitsu also expressed concerns- ‘There is a global arms race. The possibility of the nuclear war has reached a level which no previous generation had experienced.’ 

There are nine countries in the world with nuclear weapons and they are said to possess nearly 15,000 nuclear weapons. 

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