Russia to test nuclear capable Satan-2 missile

Moscow: Russia announced its intention to test the intercontinental-range ballistic missile Satan-2. The tests were announced by the Russian Chief of General Staff ‘Valery Gerasimov’.


russia, missile, satan2, putinThe ‘Voevoda’ or ‘Satan’ missiles deployed with the Russian armed forces are claimed to have a range of more than 11,000 km. According to the NATO officials, this missile which is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, is the most penetrative and destructive missile.

Russia conducted the first test of Satan-2 in the month of December last year. Western countries along with the United States had strongly criticised this test. NATO had alleged that Russia was trying to ignite an arms race and was using these tests to terrorise its smaller neighbours.

But without paying any heed to the criticism from the Western countries, Russian Chief of General Staff ‘Valery Gerasimov’ announced one more test of Satan-2. The Russian Chief did not reveal the time line for the test. But the military analysts in Russia have claimed that the test could be conducted anytime next month.

Last month, Russian President Putin had exhibited the advanced Russian missiles and submarines in front of the international media. President Putin had warned that no country is safe from the Russian missile attack. Against this background, he seems to have sent the international temperament soaring with the announcement of Satan-2 testing.

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