President Putin is ’10 steps ahead’ of competitors, says former MI5 agent British spy Tom Marcus

Third world war, russia, uk, putinLondon: ‘The action taken by the international community along with the UK is remarkable. This will be a shock to whatever Russia is planning. President Putin must have predicted this action. He has the background of a spy thus, he always thinks 10 steps ahead and anticipates things’, claimed former British spy ‘Tom Marcus’.

russia, uk, putinThere are a lot many Russian spies operating in the UK who mainly perform theft of confidential information, said Marcus. ‘Hollywood and the film industry have spread a lot of misinformation about Russian spies. Due to Russian President Putin’s spy background, he must have made preparations to retaliate and its implementation might also be well underway’, said the former spy.

This British spy who has adopted the name, ‘Tom Marcus’ had worked with the British secret service, ‘MI5’ for the past several years.

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