US warship surrounded by Chinese destroyers in the South China Sea

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Washington/Beijing: Fresh tension has been created in the South China Sea, with only a few hours to go for the 70th Chinese National Day. US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan has entered this region for patrolling. As usual, China criticized the patrolling by the US warship. But this time, it is reported that the Chinese destroyers surrounded the US aircraft carrier. Satellite photographs of the incidence have been posted on Chinese social media.

Chinese destroyers in the South China SeaTwo days ago, USS Ronald Reagan, the lead warship of the US seventh naval fleet, deployed in Japan, started patrolling, in the South China Sea. The US warship sailed near the Spratly Islands group. China has created artificial islands in the Spratly Island group. Therefore, the questions ‘Was this voyage of the US warship to issue a warning to China?’ and ‘Did the US warship embark on this voyage to deliver a special message to China on the occasion of the 70th Chinese National Day?’ are being asked.

Reann Mommsen, the spokeswoman of the Seventh Fleet, dismissed these reports. Commodore Mommsen said that the patrolling by the USS Ronald Reagan was within the framework of the international rules and as per the predefined program. But Colonel Ren Guoqiang, the spokesman of the Chinese defence department accused that this patrolling by the US warship was only a show of strength and this promotes the militarization of the region. At the same time, Colonel Guoqiang also asserted that the Chinese military was ready to protect its sovereignty in the South China Sea. After this, the reports of the Chinese destroyers surrounding the USS Ronald Reagan surfaced. Six days ago, Satellite photographs of seven Chinese destroyers surrounding the USS Ronald Reagan had been posted on the Chinese social media.

The report says that the US aircraft carrier was sailing single at the time of this incident. But the US flagship never sails single. The US social media pointed out that as per the US law, the flagships aircraft carrier always sails with its fleet of destroyers. The US Seventh fleet also has not reacted regarding the Chinese claims. But these Chinese claims coming days before the Chinese National Day, indicate the heightened tension between the United States and China. This is considered as a Chinese effort to deliver a message to its population that the Chinese Navy dares to corner a gigantic US warship. It is also exposed that this show of strength, by the Chinese rules, has become the need of the hour, on the occasion of the 70th Chinese National Day.

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