The situation in the South China Sea will fester because of China, Vietnamese Foreign Minister warns UNGA

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New York/Hanoi: The Vietnamese Foreign Minister warned that the situation in the South China Sea could fester saying ‘There are complicated developments taking place in the South China Sea and Vietnam has repeatedly raised its voice against them and even expressed concerns. Some countries have tried to rock the sovereignty of Vietnam.’ Although Vietnam did not name China during the speech in the UN general assembly, it attempted to corner China raising the issue of the South China Sea.

Vietnamese-Foreign-MinisterIn the last few years, China has taken increasingly aggressive steps in the South China Sea. The Chinese communist rule is trying to intimidate the countries in the region forcibly using its military might. A small country like Vietnam has defied these Chinese efforts and has clearly refused to bow in front of the Chinese oppression and appeasement. Therefore, skirmishes, between China and Vietnam, have become a regular feature, since the last few years.

Only two months ago, Vietnam objected to the excavation, started by China in the South China Sea, marine region. The Vietnamese foreign department had warned that Vietnam is capable of protecting its sovereign territory and China should immediately withdraw from the concerned sector. Before that, Vietnam had started modernisation of 10 islands in the Spratly Island group, paying no heed to the Chinese opposition. Infuriated with the Vietnamese action China had despatched warships and patrol vessels in the marine region near Vietnam.

Vietnamese Foreign Minister Fam Bin Minh accused in the UN general assembly that these consistent Chinese activities are festering the situation in the South China Sea. Vietnamese Foreign Minister Minh lambasted China saying Countries resorting to unilateral activities in the South China Sea need to keep them under control. Unilateral activities consistently can complicate the situation in the South China Sea. At the same time, the tension in the region also can fester. These countries should try to find a solution peacefully.’

The South China Sea is claimed to be rich in natural resources. The South China Sea is also a significant sector, being the second most used commercial freight route after the Persian Gulf. Therefore, the security of this strategically important region is considered to be very important. Since the last few years, China has started claiming its sovereign rights over 90% of the South China Sea. China has built many artificial islands in the sector and has even deployed the military on these islands.

Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, along with Vietnam, have challenged this Chinese aggression. But China has pressurised the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia to prevent them from taking a firm stand. Vietnam is firm on its stand, and it has once again demonstrated that it is not going to bow to the Chinese pressures, by raising the issue in the UN general assembly.

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