US warns of harsher sanctions against Iran

New York/Tehran: – US special envoy Brian Hook issued a stern warning that Iran has violated the regulations of the United Nations by testing a long-range missile. Therefore, the UN Security Council should extend the validity of sanctions. Otherwise, the United States will impose the harshest penalties in history against Iran.

Brian Hook, the special appointed envoy for Iran by the United States, said in his article carried by a leading US newspaper that the United States will try very hard to extend the validity of the sanctions against Iran. Hook Informed that the United States is already lobbying in the UN Security Council to ensure that Iran is not given any relaxation in the sanctions. Hook also informed that the United States has started taking efforts on the political level to tighten the noose around Iran and has initiated talks with the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Hook accepted that it is difficult to get the proposal for sanctions supported by 15 members of the UN Security Council, as it is challenging to get support from the permanent members along with the non-permanent members. The United States has made independent preparations to impose these sanctions once again, in case veto right is used against the US proposal. Hook warned that all the sanctions imposed by the United Nations so far, on Iran, will all be imposed simultaneously.

Last week, Iran launched a satellite. But the United States and the United Kingdom accused that this was a test for a long-range missile. The United States accused that Iran violated the 2015 nuclear deal signed with the western countries. Therefore, the United States has demanded that the sanctions against Iran should be extended. But Iran has criticised that the United States, who has exited from the agreement, should not speak about the violations.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Ambassador to Russia threatened the United States with war. A resolution had been passed that the US President cannot start a war against Iran without the approval of the US Congress. But last week, President dismissed the decision of the US Congress by using the veto right. Kazem Jalali, the Iranian Ambassador to Russia, criticised the decision of President Trump. Jalali threatened that if the United States initiated any military action against Iran, there would be a strong retaliation from Iran.

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