The US worried about the Iranian secret weapon, claims senior Iranian military official

Third World WarTehran/Washington: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani roared that Iran will enrich any amount of Uranium, as per its need. At the same time, Iran has indicated that if the United States withdrew the sanctions only then, it might be ready for negotiations. It is claimed that Iranian supremo Ayatollah Khamenei has conveyed his consent, for this, to the government. Amid these claims, Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi-Fard has also claimed that Iran possesses a secret weapon which worries the United States.

While addressing a function in capital Tehran, Brigadier General Fard, commander of the Iran Air Defence Force of Artesh, issued this warning to the United States. “It is because of the Iranian strength that the US Navy is staying away, at 200 Miles from the Strait of Hormuz. The United States should not commit the mistake of testing the Iranian strength as the first mistake committed could prove to be your last, with the Iranian secret weapon,” Brigadier General Fard warned. The Iranian military officials did not reveal any information on a secret weapon.

us, iran, secret weaponFard accused the United States of trying to pressurise Iran with massive deployments of the military in the Persian Gulf. The United States who, on the one hand, is speaking a language of war against Iran, is imposing economic sanctions against Iran, on the other side. It is also saying that it is prepared for negotiations. Brigadier Fard claimed that such a spiteful United States could not be trusted.

At the same time, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Iran would manufacture any quantity of enriched Uranium, as per its requirements. Rouhani claimed that Iran had kept the manufacture of enriched Uranium within the limit prescribed, by the agreement with the western countries and it will continue to do so. He warned that Iran would be ready for negotiations only in case, the United States accepts the Iranian demands.

Meanwhile, a few hours ago, Iran had threatened to annihilate Israel. Within 24 hours, an Iranian official announced that Iran has a secret weapon and the United States and its allies should not ignore the threats.

Furthermore, the US President had reprimanded Iran in strict words saying, “There is a huge gap between the US and Iranian military capabilities. The United States does not want a war against Iran. But if the war is sparked, it will not last long.” Some of the US observers have been claiming that the war will be over, in only a few hours. But Iran consistently points out that an attack by the United States will have dire consequences.

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