US warns of imposing harsh sanctions against the Assad regime for obstructing political process in Syria

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Washington/Damascus: The United States has threatened the Assad regime of imposing harsh sanctions if it tries to obstruct the political process initiated in Syria by the United States and its allies. With the initiative of the United Nations, movements have been started for a new constitution and elections in Syria, but because of the adamant attitude of the Assad regime there is no solution as yet. In view of these events, the US representative for Syria, Jim Jeffery has indicated that sanctions comparable to the ones imposed against Iran in 2015 could be imposed against Syria as well.

political-process-syria‘It is mandatory to write a new constitution in Syria before the elections. If the Assad regime does not cooperate in this matter, the United States with assistance from its allies in Europe, Asia and Middle East will impose harsh sanctions against the Syrian government. The Syrian government will be targeted with sanctions, on grounds similar to those over Iran in 2015 imposed by the United States,’ warned Jeffery.

The US Representative also warned that, ‘even though the UN Security Council (UNSC) does not approve the sanctions against Syria, with help from the European Union and the Asian partners the United States would implement the sanctions. It will be the endeavour of the United States to ensure that the future of the Assad regime will be more and more disastrous. Let Russia and Iran find a solution to come out of the chaos that they themselves have created is Syria.’

Assad-regimeAll parties are making efforts to end the conflict and hold elections in Syria. As of now, Russia is influencing the Syrian government and President Vladimir Putin is believed to have brought the Syrian conflict under control with Iranian help. However, the United States and European countries are complaining over Russia not exerting sufficient pressure on the Assad regime for political process. Taking a note of this, Jeffery warned Russia that it should not hold the Syrian situation on hold as per its own wishes.

Referring to the action taken by US President Donald Trump in Syria a few months ago, Jeffery said this was also an option the US could exercise in the country.

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