US-Taiwan sign five-year agreement on healthcare, tech & security

Washington: – Economic talks have started under the Taiwan Policy adopted by US President Donald Trump. A quinquennial cooperation agreement was signed in a bilateral meeting held in Washington, the US capital, on Friday. As per the agreement, the United States and Taiwan will be strengthening bilateral cooperation in health, technology and defence sector. The discussions held on Friday, and the quinquennial deal is believed to be the preliminary stage of the bilateral trade agreement.   

us-taiwan-21-novThe United States started an aggressive campaign against China because of the trade deficit, Coronavirus pandemic and the activities of the Chinese regime. The increasing closeness with Taiwan is considered to be a part of the same strategy. A few days ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rocked China with his statement, ‘Taiwan is not a part of China.’ At the same time, he had warned that the campaign against China is not over. The US-Taiwan economic partnership dialogue and cooperation agreement are an essential part of the campaign.   

The United States has supplied defence equipment to Taiwan on a massive scale and has taken the responsibility of Taiwanese security in the conflict against China. In the last four months, the United States sent two of its senior officials on a visit to Taiwan. Against this very background, there is a consistent demand from within the United States to strengthen cooperation with Taiwan. The demands include setting up a military base in Taiwan and signing a bilateral trade agreement.   

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