US to exhibit its strength from the South China Sea to the Taiwan marine region, claims US news channel

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Washington: The United States will have a show of Strength in the South China Sea in the next week as a retaliation of the dangerously close sailing of the Chinese destroyer to a US warship. The United States will remind China of its military might, by organising serial exercises from South China Sea to the Taiwanese Gulf with aircraft carriers, fighter and bomber jets and thousands of soldiers. A news channel from the United States has broadcasted a news report regarding this.

The Pacific Command of the US navy has proposed this show of military strength to contain the Chinese arrogance and bullying in the South China Sea. As per the proposal of the US navy, the Pacific Command will participate with all its strength in these exercises. Three mammoth aircraft carriers of the United States, amphibious warships, fleet of destroyers, fighter jets and marines’ units will participate in the exercises, says the report.

Taiwan marine regionThe exercises will have the objective to retaliate in case of a war sparking in the entire Asia-Pacific region at the same time. The exercises starting in the South China Sea will extend up to the Taiwanese Gulf. These exercises lasting for a month will be held in November. The US news channel claimed that these exercises will be in retaliation of the increasing Chinese bullying in the region. The senior officials from the US navy, army and air force have been informed about the exercises.

At the same time, the discussions with the US intelligence department at various levels are being held to judge the reactions that may emanate from China and Russia regarding the huge war exercises, informed the news channel. As per the news channel, this show of strength is an indication of the major developments in the region. The show of strength by the United States is being viewed against the background of the increasing tension between the warships of China and the United States in the South China Sea.

Last week, a Chinese warship sailed dangerously close to the USS Decatur, a destroyer from the US navy patrolling in the South China Sea. The Chinese warship aggressively sailed within 45 yards of the US destroyer to prevent the US ship from patrolling. This action of the Chinese warship was irresponsible and inciting. At the same time, this adventurous sailing of the Chinese warship could have caused a major disaster in the South China Sea and a conflict would have ensued between the United States and China which could have culminated into a war, the United States had criticised.

The United States has accused that the marine freight movement is threatened because of this Chinese arrogance in this marine sector. The United States announced that it will not stop patrolling the South China Sea because of these Chinese activities and will continue patrolling in the region. Therefore, the United States will be holding these huge exercises in the South China Sea to Taiwanese Gulf region as an answer to the Chinese arrogance.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Prime Minister had recently warned that a war could be sparked because of the Chinese incitement in the South China Sea.

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