United States plans new ways to counter the activities of the Chinese communist party

Washington: – The United States has presented a new plan to stop the activities of the Chinese communist party, accusing that the Chinese communist party of trying to create a new global system to fulfil its domination ambitions. This report, prepared by the US State Department, says that long-term efforts are required to stop the Chinese activities. Only a few days ago, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had warned that the aggressive campaign against China was still not over. The report of the US State Department endorses the warning.  

US-chinaThe US department of state presented a 74-page report, ‘The Element of the China Challenge’. The report claims that ten issues will be decisive in countering the Chinese challenge. These include having the mightiest military in a state of readiness, continuing with the open and rule-based international system which came into existence after the second world war and restructuring the allies front on the international level. At the same time, it is necessary to make the US population aware of Chinese threats and promote the principle of freedom and strive to prioritise freedom.  

In the beginning of the report, it is said that many countries of the world have started realising the Chinese threat. The US State Department has said that the activities of the Chinese communist party has sparked an intense power struggle in the world and there is a need to stop it. Chinese communist party wants to create a system with only China at the centre and the ulterior motives are fulfilling the ambition for monopoly and domination.  

The report claims that the Marx-Lenin ideologies and the extremist Chinese nationalism are responsible for the activities and ambitions of the Chinese communist party. The department of state recommends that if all this has to be stopped, the United States has to return to the basics and attain independence once again. The department of state warned that the United States needs to implement reforms in the education system and the experts in US administration and other departments, have to gain correct information regarding the Chinese language, history and culture. US President Trump started an aggressive diplomatic conflict against China, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. Aggressive decisions were taken against China regarding Hongkong, Uyghur people, Tibet and trade exploitation. The US officials, as well as analysts, have warned that this campaign initiated by the Trump administration, will have to be continued by the next administration. 

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