US expresses displeasure as Russia attacks US-supported rebel groups in Syria

Washington, dated 19th June (Press)- U.S expressed displeasure on Russian Air strikes on U.S supported rebel groups in Syria. U.S security headquarter, Pentagon, demanded an explanation from Russia on account of the recent attacks; however Russian Defence Minister spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov, retaliated by stating that U.S has failed to provide proper information on the rebel groups.

rebel groups - syria-us-peter-cookThe U.S and Russian military officials held a video conference to discuss the strikes. Pentagon spokesperson, Peter Cook, stated that such communication with Russian military officials is an exception and also that the Russian strikes on the U.S supported rebel groups who are fighting against the IS, are a matter of great concern.

Pentagon spokesperson, Peter Cook, confirmed having provided information of the U.S backed rebel groups operating in Syria and that Pentagon had appealed to Russia not to strike the rebel groups while carrying out operations on other terrorist groups. Peter Cook expressed anger that in spite of the appeal and information, the Russian air strikes targeted the U.S backed rebel groups which raises security concerns to U.S and its allies.

syria-russia-airstrikeThe U.S has been seeking an explanation from Russian officials on details of the attacks and the circumstances leading to the strikes. Pentagon spokesperson, Peter Cook, confirmed to have discussed with Russian Military establishment to increase military co-operation to avoid such incidents and conflicts of military planes of the U.S and Russia in the Syrian air space.

Russian Defence Minister spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov, agreed for increased military co-operation. Konashenkov further stated that the Russian attack did not intend to strike the rebel group as the operation was carried almost 300 km away from the location shared by the U.S officials. Konashenkov further stated that Russia had provided prior intimation of the strikes to the U.S and that the U.S cannot hold Russia responsible for the strikes.

syria-russiaPrior to the recent strikes the U.S Defence Secretary, Aston Cater, had pointed that the air strikes by Russian Military planes could increase tensions between the two countries.

Last week Russia carried out air strikes on southern border of Syria near At-Tanf region, closer to Jordan and Iraq. Till recent times Russia had restricted themselves to the northern areas of Syria, however the recent Russian air strikes which were closer to Jordan and Iraq are of greater concern to the U.S.

Russia claims that the strikes were aimed at At-Tanf region, where a secret meeting was in progress of all rebel groups including the one against the Assad Government and supporters of the “IS” and “Jabaht -ul- Nusra”.

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