Russian helicopter carrying humanitarian aid shot down in Syria by ISIS, 5 killed

russia syria helicopter

Damascus – The IS has shot down a Russian helicopter patrolling in the Idlib province of Syria. This attack has left the Russian helicopter in shatters. Information about the two pilots and the three crew members has not been disclosed. However, the Syrian Human Rights Organization claims that IS has kidnapped the Russian pilot.

On Sunday evening, ‘Mi-8’ a cargo helicopter of the Russian Air force, had left for Aleppo, held by rebels. The Russian Defence Ministry informs that IS terrorists launched attacks in Idlib on its return journey  after the distribution of humanitarian aid in Aleppo.

No information about the attack had been disclosed till Monday morning. However, the ‘IS’ posted photographs of the attack on the Russian helicopter on the social media. These photos show the helicopter blowing up and IS terrorists walking around the wreckage. However, the IS has not revealed any information about the two pilots and the three crew members in the helicopter.

Even in the month of September, last year, the IS had shot down a helicopter of the Russian Air force and had also kidnapped the pilot. Whom they set free later.    

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