Why should the US supply arms to Saudi, Japan and South Korea at discounted rates; questions President Trump

Third World WarVirginia: ‘Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea are highly prosperous countries. In spite of this, why is the United States providing financial aid to their militaries? These countries must pay for this help. But the problem is that no one has asked them about it so far,’ US President Donald Trump questioned the defence assistance provided by the US to the Asian and the middle-eastern countries.

President Trump has consistently raised questions regarding the financial aid provided to other countries and has said that there is no equivalent reciprocation from these countries. Last year, he had raised questions about the supply of Thad Missile System to South Korea and had demanded that South Korea should pay $1 billion to the United States. Along with Asian and the middle-eastern countries, Trump has also targeted the European countries who are members of the NATO.

us, arms, saudi arabia, japan, saouth korea, trumpThe oil prices are on the rise in the international markets and this issue could put President Trump into trouble. The US elections are slated for this November and the discontent among the US population over the fuel price is said to be rising. To tide over this problem, President Trump has started pressurising the oil-producing OPEC countries to increase their oil production.

In the month of July, Trump had threatened Saudi Arabia of withdrawing the security provided to it by the United States. But despite this Saudi refused to increase the oil production. Last week, the Saudi Oil Minister has openly rebuked the United States about this. Trump, upset with the refusal has once again targeted Saudi on the defence issue.

While raising this point during a meeting in Virginia on Saturday, President Trump also informed that he has had discussions with Saudi Arabian King, Salman on the phone.

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