US likely to re-enter Paris Climate Agreement hints President Trump

Washington: The President of the United States, Donald trump, has indicated possibility of the US participation in the Paris climate deal, he said, “I have no problem with the Paris Agreement. I have my reservations about the agreement signed by the previous administration as they had signed a very bad agreement. The US can think of participating in the agreement again”. President Trump had announced that, The United States was exiting the Paris climate agreement in view of the security of the American people and the interest of the United States.

Paris-Climate-agreementSpeaking in the news conference after his meeting with the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, President Trump had indicated the reversal of the decision. ‘United States cares for the environment and we are also insistent about Clean air and clean water. But at the same time the US industry should get a competitive environment.’ President Trump said in support of the earlier decision. He also claimed that the earlier agreement would have put a lot of strain on the US industry and would have also affected the economy.

Indication given by Trump to participate in the Paris agreement is considered to be surprising. According to the analysts, this is looked upon as an effort to include provisions expected by the US instead of the previous unacceptable terms. President Trump had heavily criticised ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Paris Climate Agreement’ during his presidential campaign. He had announced that the US will walk out of the Paris Climate Agreement within 100 days of assuming power.

In the month of June, while criticising the Paris Climate Agreement he had expressed regret that the treaty was beneficial to all the other countries other than the US. Trump had tried to target China and India, in particular. Trump had alleged that Paris Climate Agreement will bring profits to India and China in billion dollars and will lead to a big increase in the coal related projects in these countries.

President Trump’s decision of withdrawing from the Paris climate pact had severe repercussions at the international level. The European countries along with China, Canada, India and Australia had heavily criticised the US decision. Even the industrial sector had expressed disapproval over this decision. However, Trump had strongly supported his decision at that time.

The efforts were on with the help of the United Nations for the International Environmental treaty for the past few decades. 195 countries had concurred on the agreement in the 2015 Paris meeting. Subsequently, in 2016 the Treaty was signed. According to the treaty, measures will be taken to control the temperature at an international level and financial aid will be made available to the nations striving for these efforts.

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