Severe backlash in China against South Korea for deploying THAAD.

Severe protests are coming forth from China against South Korea who has accepted to deploy US’s anti-ballistic missile system THAAD. The industrial sectors, along with the local governance in China have declared an industrial war against South Korea. Instances of cyber attacks  on South Korean companies have also come to light. 

china-korea-protestFour days back, negotiations were completed between ‘Lotte Group’, a famous company in South Korea and the Korean Government. Accordingly, the ‘Lotte Group’ has agreed to give its land for deploying THAAD machinery. After this, the US is speeding up its moves to deploy THAAD, and the system should be implemented by the month of August, claims the US Military Chief. South Korea is however determined to deploy THAAD, ignoring all the opposition from China. The backlash from China is in response to this role of South Korea. 

The Chinese made goods from Lotte’s supermarket in China have been removed. The Chinese business owners have made it clear that henceforth no cooperation would be extended to Lotte’s supermarkets. Hence Lotte supermarkets have been rendered inactive. However, in the north eastern region of China, in the city of Guilin, the people themselves have boycotted goods manufactured by South Korean companies. Likewise, other Chinese citizens protesting outside Lotte Stores, holding censure banners displaying that Lotte who is supporting THAAD  should immediately walk out of China.

Only a few hours after Lotte gave its land to US,  the Company was hit by cyber-attacks on its website causing a breakdown for the past few days. Also, the number of Chinese  tourists visiting South Korea has declined. The Chinese tourism companies themselves, are advising to avoid  trips to South Korea. These Chinese Companies are announcing that due to policy and security reasons the Chinese tourists could travel anywhere but exclude South Korea.

After the decision to deploy THAAD was undertaken by South Korea, such reactions coming from within China were evident last month itself. The three billion dollar theme park that Lotte was building in China was denied permission all of a sudden. Security reasons were stated by the   Chinese administrative officers for  taking this action.  

Not just Lotte, but other South Korean manufactured goods are being boycotted. ‘Hyundai’ Motor Company vehicles are being attacked. It is claimed that the Chinese citizens have boycotted South Korean mobile phones. The direct effects of China’s boycotting South Korean production  and tourism have been seen on South Korea’s share market. South Korea has expressed concern on such repercussions coming from China.  

Although, China has not as yet threatened South Korean Companies in words, on account of THAAD, ‘Global Times‘, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Government has published information that the Chinese society has been unanimous in its decision to boycott South Korea.

US and South Korea however claim that the missile Thaad is against North Korea. US claims that its range does not reach China. Yet, China has kept its opposition to Thaad. China accuses the deployment of Thaad as endangering its security. China has announced that China would strengthen its protest by asking Russia to support her.

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