US and Pakistan friendship has ended, says Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif

Islamabad: Pakistan is baffled due to the stoppage of the 2 billion Dollar aid by the US. The various reactions coming from Pakistan only confirm this. The Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has warned “The US and Pakistan friendship ended when the US stopped the aid to Pakistan. The US has always betrayed Pakistan and henceforth Pakistan will not be sacrificing anything for the US.”  At the same time the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Tehmina Janjua had a different viewpoint. ‘In spite of all the threats received from the US, Pakistan will continue to be in discussion with the US. The US is not only a World Power but also has a strong presence in the region.’ Janjua said.

Khwaja Asif, Pakistan, USThe United States had warned Pakistan time and again to take action against all terrorist organizations. In view of the continued evasive attitude shown by Pakistan, in the last four days the US has taken some decisions which have proved to be shocking for Pakistan. All financial aid to Pakistan for its support to the US in its war against terror has been stopped. This was followed by the announcement of stoppage of military aid of one and a half billion dollars.

The US has alleged that Pakistan was pretending to support the US in its war against terrorism, but in reality it was harbouring terrorists and playing a ‘Double Game’ with the US. The US sternly warned, that, it has all the options open against Pakistan. Pakistan should act against the terrorists or else the US will have to act unilaterally.

Experts in Pakistan are cautioning the government that the warning by the US should be taken seriously and Pakistan must act against the terrorists or else Pakistan will have to face grave consequences. In spite of this, in an interview with the ‘Wall Street Journal’, the Pakistan foreign minister announced the end of the US and Pakistan friendship. ‘US and Pakistan friendship ended the moment the US announced stoppage of military aid to Pakistan’ Khawaja Asif said.

Khawaja Asif announced the termination of ties with the US saying that ‘Pakistan has sacrificed a lot for the US. Aligning with the US in the Afghanistan operation was the biggest mistake by Pakistan. The US has used Pakistan for its own selfish agenda. But Pakistan will not repeat the mistake again.’

While the Pakistan foreign minister was criticising the US, Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Tehmina Janjua presented before the Pakistan media, the stand that Pakistan will continue discussions with the US. ‘The US is not only a World Power but also has a strong presence in the region. There are a lot of reasons behind the US stand and we are analysing the reasons’ said Janjua. ‘The increasing Chinese clout and resultant challenge to the financial and military influence of the US in the region,  the mutual interests of India-US in Afghanistan could also be the reasons behind this’ Janjua said.

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