Pope Francis warns that the world is one step away from nuclear war

Santiago: The supreme religious leader of Christianity, Pope Francis, has warned, “The world is one step away from the sparks of nuclear war. Even one accident is enough to precipitate a nuclear war.” While North Korea continues to threaten a nuclear attack, Pope Francis seems to have warned the entire world against this.

US, north korea, nuclear warPope Francis is on a Latin American tour and has started his tour from Chile. At that time, few journalists had asked Pope Francis questions about a nuclear war. On being asked whether a nuclear war could break out in the near future, the Pope replied, “We are too close to a nuclear war.” At the same time, he warned, “Even an unexpected accident could prove enough to spark it. ”

Before arriving in Chile, the journalists traveling with the Pope were provided with the photographs by Vatican officials. Pope Francis was discussing these photographs with the journalists, which included photos of the Japanese city of Nagasaki after the US’s nuclear attack.

Pope Francis said, “I was moved when I saw this. The only thing I could think of adding were the words ‘the fruits of war’. I want to have it reprinted and distributed because an image like this can do more than a thousand words. This photo can move every person. That is why I wanted to share it with you.”

A week ago the Pope had brought the same photo in front of the media. The Vatican had said that this photo is being shown to the media to make them aware of the destructive effects of a nuclear war. While going on a tour to Latin America, the Pope shared this image once again. But both times, the supreme religious leader of Christianity did not directly mention any country or leader.

Meanwhile, two days ago an emergency missile alert was sent out to everyone in the American island of Hawaii. The Hawaiian government had given its citizens a message that North Korea has launched a ballistic missile. This created tension in the Hawaii Island. The Hawaiian government later said that the alert was wrongly sent out and expressed regret over the incident.

North Korea has been threatening the US, Japan, South Korea and their allies of a nuclear attack. North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un has said that they have the capability to attack all the cities of the US. Furthermore, North Korea caused major disruption by launching ballistic missiles over the northern border of Japan.

These provocative missile tests conducted by North Korea were criticised all over the world. International analysts had also expressed concern over North Korea’s ability to track US cities.

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