Anti-Pakistan bill tabled in the US House of Representatives

Washington : A bill was tabled in the US House of Representatives for stopping financial aid to Pakistan. US Congressman Mark Sanford and Thomas Massie have presented this bill, accusing Pakistan of sheltering terrorists. US President Trump has already taken the decision to stop military aid to Pakistan.

US-House-of-RepresentativesSanford and Massie tabled this anti-Pakistan bill in the House of Representatives on Monday. Both the leaders severely criticised Pakistan while submitting the bill. ‘In spite of repeatedly telling them, Pakistan is still sheltering terrorists,’ blamed the leaders. ‘American people feel that the American taxpayers’ money should not be used for terrorism. But, Pakistan is consistently using this money for the terrorists,’ criticised Sanford.

Senator Rand Paul demanded that the money given as the financial aid to Pakistan should be used for the American people. Senator Paul, Sanford and Massie appealed that the saved money should be used for infrastructure facilities for the American people. There was a strong demand for stopping the financial aid to Pakistan in the US Senate, even in the past.

Last year in the month of August, President Trump had pulled-up Pakistan by declaring that Pakistan is a supporter of terrorism. Subsequently, President Trump had taken a major decision of stopping the military as well as the financial aid to Pakistan. The United States has warned of a stronger action if Pakistan still continued its pro-terrorist stand. Pakistan criticised the United States for speaking the language as same as India and said that Pakistan does not need that aid.

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