Pak’s proterror policy may spark India-Pakistan nuclear war, warns US ‘CENTCOM’ General Votel

Washington: A nuclear war could arise between India and Pakistan, warned U.S. ‘Central Command’ (CENTCOM) General Joseph Votel. While admonishing in a hearing at the US Senate ‘Armed Services Committee’, General Votel claimed that Pakistan is home to 20 terrorist organisations. He also exhorted that if Pakistan keeps allowing such state-sponsored terrorism, these terrorist groups will continue to destabilise Afghanistan for a long time.

The leaders and officials from Trump administration continue to target Pakistan’s pro-terror policies and General Votel also has pointed fingers towards it. General Votel has voiced his concerns over it by saying that this policy could lead to dire consequences, may spark a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. The terror groups in Pakistan continue to cause destruction in India, while India continues to accuse Pakistan on lack of action against them. Under such circumstances, there are rising demands from the people of India to give Pakistan a befitting response. In his hearing, Votel also briefed that India has also retaliated against few of these terror attacks.

General Votel expressed his concern over the situation by saying that recently India had adopted an aggressive stance towards Pakistan and was preparing to isolate it. He also said that Pakistan may retaliate against it and the tensions between them may grow to such an extent, that both countries may wrongfully stragetise against each other. This could flare up into a nuclear war between them as both the nations are nuclear powers, said Votel.. But during his presentation, General Votel blamed Pakistan’s pro-terror policy of being responsible for such a situation. He also accused that Pakistan was home to the terror groups sabotaging Afghanistan.

Pakistan was a safe haven to terrorist groups like the ‘Haqqani Network’ and terrorist groups like these pose a grave threat to the US and foreign soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, said General Votel and attracted the attention of the ‘Armed committee’ of the US senate towards this issue. He further added that due to these reasons, the US has been constantly asking Pakistan to take action against the terror groups, but there has been no response from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, General Votel also made demands for more troops to be deployed at Afghanistan during the hearing. The US military commander General Nicholson in Afghanistan, also had said that more troops were need in Afghanistan. The US army officials claim that these additional deployments are necessary to counter threats from terror outfits like the Taliban and the ‘IS’. Nevertheless, as Pakistan is aiding the terrorist groups that are against the US and Afghanistan, both the nations are suffering deep losses, also accused the US military officials. Hence, there are clear signs of Trump administration  taking action against Pakistan soon to retaliate against it. By conducting drone strikes in a Pakistani region adjoining the Afghanistan boundry a few days ago, it seems that the Trump administration has shown a glimpse of its future plans. General Votel’s policies can be seen as a stern warning towards the coming times being exrtremely difficult for Pakistan.

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