US will take strict action against Pakistan, warns senior US official

Washington/Islamabad: Senior officials at the Trump Administration have said that the warning given by the US President while declaring their new policy regarding Afghanistan, is not just verbal. If in the coming times Pakistan does not change its pro-terror policy, the US will not cringe to take tough decision against Pakistan. Meanwhile, considering Pakistan’s pro-terror policy, President Trump has not yet announced the time frame for the withdrawal of its army troops from Afghanistan, informed the senior official.


senior US official

President Trump had accused Pakistan of supporting the terrorists who were causing bloodshed in Afghanistan. Trump reprimanded that in spite of drawing aid worth billions of dollars from the US, Pakistan was backing the terrorists who were killing the US soldiers and it was sheer betrayal. After Trump’s statement, there has been a major turmoil in Pakistan and the hard-liners here are now challenging the US itself. Maulana Sami-ul Haq, the head of the ‘Difa-e-Pakistan Council’ considered as the central organisation of the extremists and hard-liners in Pakistan, claimed that Pakistani army cannot launch an attack on the Haqqani Network as per the US’s demand. It would not matter how hard the US President tried to achieve it, Sami-ul Haq clarified in a press conference. While the Chief Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Shahbaz Sharif has said that it was time to say ‘Goodbye’ to the US financial aid.

It appears that Pakistan’s political parties, army and hard-liners have united against the US and are unanimous on rejecting the US’s financial assistance in the future. However, if Pakistan does not get help from the US, its economy would collapse, experts have warned. In such a state, with good faith that an allied nation like China would certainly come forth to help Pakistan, its leaders, military officials and hard-liners are stating that Pakistan does not need US help.

Based on these grounds, it seems that a senior US official while speaking with the reporters in Washington, gave another serious warning to Pakistan. The said official gave this information on the condition of their identity not being disclosed. He said that earlier, Pakistan’s pro-terror policy had been tolerated, but, such a situation will not occur henceforth. By stating that if Pakistan continued to maintain the same policy in the future, the Trump administration would not shy away while taking a tough decision with regards to Pakistan, this official also indicated that the US was already prepared for such a situation.

However, the said official has not given any information regarding the details of the actions that may be involved in this strict proceeding. At the same time, the official made a crucial claim that Trump has made no announcement regarding the timeline for the withdrawal of its troops in Afghanistan, as it is keeping a clear view of Pakistan. Pakistan is awaiting the day the US would withdraw its military troops from Afghanistan and it would be able to gain control over Afghanistan. Therefore, Pakistan is unwilling to forego its pro-terror policy. Hence, the Trump administration has taken this decision, informed the official.

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