The US mentions Taiwan as a country

Third World WarWashington/Taipei: The US Defence department referred Taiwan as a country. The US Defence Department also announced that Taiwan is a reliable, robust and a natural ally of the United States. This comes as a major jolt to China, who is claiming that Taiwan as its sovereign territory. A severe reaction is expected from China.

The US Defence Department released the ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy Report’. The Defence Department report mentions the allies of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region. The report emphasises that it is necessary for the United States to improve relations with these allies, further. These include Taiwan, Singapore, Magnolia and New Zealand.

taiwan, us, country, mentionsThe US Defence Department report says ‘All these four countries have assisted US Schemes, at the international level. At the same time, all these four countries have taken important steps to create a free and open international system.’ The report also mentions that these four countries are reliable, strong and natural allies of the United States.

China is claiming Taiwan to be its sovereign part. China is threatening its allies not to establish any political or military ties with Taiwan, accepting the ‘One China’ policy. China has boycotted the countries establishing relations and has even resorted to arm twisting techniques. But ever since President Trump has taken over the reins of the United States, military cooperation with Taiwan has been increased. While China is distraught over the US-Taiwan military cooperation, the United States has delivered a significant jolt to China, mentioning Taiwan as a country.

China is already furious over the US-Taiwan military cooperation. A Hongkong based newspaper claimed that in this scenario, the announcement of the US Defence Department is a provocation for China.

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