Israel, US and UAE to establish energy cooperation  

Dubai: – Israel, the United States and United Arab Emirates (UAE) will soon be implementing an energy cooperation policy. An important agreement was signed between the Energy Ministers of the three countries. As per the information published by the UAE government news agency, Palestinians will have the maximum benefit of this energy cooperation. The concerned news agency also claimed that the concerned energy cooperation would result in increased defence cooperation among the countries, in the region. 

energy cooperationThe concerned news agency informed that the United States, Israel and UAE issued a joint statement regarding the cooperation, on Friday. The statement says ‘The United States, Israel and UAE have all agreed to take practical steps regarding cooperation in the sectors of renewable energy, fuel efficiency, fuel, resources of natural gas and related technology and water dissociation technology.’ At the same time, the said news agency claimed that the statement also says that the economies of all the three counties will be beneficial for meeting the energy needs of the current and future generations and also will be beneficial for the Palestinians, facing challenges in the energy sector.   

UAE and Bahrain are oil-producing countries. Whereas, Israel is included in the natural gas producing countries. This decision regarding energy cooperation was taken after UAE and Bahrain established diplomatic ties with Israel. Discussions were held, regarding increasing energy-related cooperation and investment, between the Energy Ministers of Israel and UAE. It is being said that the two countries held discussions oversupplying natural gas to the European countries. As per the analysts in the Gulf, an announcement in this respect is expected soon. Simon Watkins claimed that the sectoral developments are also a part of the tripartite cooperation, between the United States, Israel and UAE.  

As per Watkins, UAE has taken a step towards defence-related cooperation, by establishing this energy-related cooperation, with the United States and Israel. In view of the attack on its oil tanker, in the Persian Gulf, UAE may establish a military cooperation with Israel. Watkins claimed that UAE could also benefit from the US and Israeli intelligence networks, to defend itself against Iran. 

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