Either accept US proposed peace plan or resign, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman warns Palestinian President

Tel Aviv: ‘Crown Prince’ ‘Mohammad Bin Salman’ issued an ultimatum to the Palestinian President that he must accept the Israeli-Palestinian peace deal proposed by US President Donald Trump or else resign from office. An Israeli news channel released a report where it states that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas was invited to Saudi and served with this notice by the Saudi Prince a few days ago. The said news channel has also stated that Prince Mohammad bin Salman has warned President Abbas to break all its ties with Iran and Hezbollah along with talks of accepting the peace treaty.


peace-planLast week, the Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, had sent a summons to President Abbas, commanding him to make a visit to Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, the reports of President Abbas having left for Saudi immediately were also released. According to the sources, shortly after his meeting with the Saudi King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, President Abbas left for Egypt. However, the objective and conclusion of the meeting is still unclear.

Nevertheless, the report that was released by the Israeli news channel on Sunday, stated that Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the most influential man in Saudi Arabia sternly rebuked President Abbas. It is likely that US President Donald Trump may present a new peace deal before Palestine and Israel. While Jared Kushner, the US President’s lead advisor and son-in-law was to draft this peace treaty. He made a visit to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago and met with the Prince Mohammad during his visit.

Prince Mohammad bin Salman warned that the Palestinian President should clarify their stand with respect to Iran and Hezbollah along with the proposal of its peace treaty with Israel. A few months ago, President Abbas had made a visit to Iran. He had also initiated attempts to establish a united governance with Hamas which lies on the Gaza strip. Therefore, the experts are now awaiting the stand that Palestinian President Abbas would adopt after Prince Mohammad’s warning.

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