Iran would annihilate Israel if the US attacked Iran, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah

Third World WarBeirut: Hassan Nasrallah, the chief of Iran supporting organisation, Hezbollah issued a fresh warning saying, “if the United States attacked Iran, Iran will ruthlessly bomb Israel and annihilate Israel.” Nasrallah issued this threat to the United States during an interview with a Lebanese news channel. He added, “Iran and its affiliated organisations have already made preparations for such an action. The war has been deferred, only because of this. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also do not want to spark a war.”

Thirteen years have been completed for the Israel and Hezbollah conflict, in 2006. Hezbollah chief was talking to the news channel on that occasion. The Hezbollah had resisted very strongly against Israel, in this conflict which lasted for 34 days. The battle finally ended through negotiations which massively boosted Hezbollah’s confidence. This organisation has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel, ever since. Even now, Nasrallah has warned that Israel will not remain neutral if the United States attacked Iran.

Iran, hezbollah chief, hassan nasrallah, israelNasrallah claimed, “Iran will ruthlessly bomb Israel, in retaliation of an attack by the United States. Israel will be turned to cinders, and the very existence of the country may be wiped out, of which the United States is aware. This is the reason why the United States is refraining from attacking Iran, and the war has been averted.” Further, Nasrallah said that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, both closest allies of the United States, also do not want a war.

Meanwhile, the Iranian military officials and leaders have already threatened that Iran will target Israel if the United States attacked Iran. Iran is consistently delivering a message to the United States, not to be under a misconception that the situation will remain under control, after initiating attacks on Iran. Iran is indicating that the United States should be prepared for an all destructive war, before launching attacks on Iran and that the war would also affect the internal politics in the United States. It is reported that the opposition leaders have initiated moves to reduce the rights vested in President Trump, for declaration of a war against Iran.

Taking advantage of this, Iran and its affiliated organisations have increased the intensity of their threats. This is underlined by the new warning issued by the Hezbollah chief. President Trump had clarified that there would be no attack on Iran in the current situation. The current policy of the United States is that there is no need for military action, just now, as the economic sanctions imposed against Iran are showing good results. At the same time, the United States and allies have put Iran in trouble by blocking its crude oil exports.

The United Kingdom and Egypt each have seized one Iranian oil tanker, and Iran had alleged that Saudi Arabia too, has seized its oil tanker. Therefore, Iran is issuing threats of dire consequences, to the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel whereas the United States seems to be planning to bring Iran to its knees, maintaining the military pressure. Despite this, the analysts have warned that a small incident, in the Persian Gulf or the Gulf, could culminate into a destructive war.

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