China infuriated with Israel-US deal on its exclusion from 5G networks

Beijing/Washington: – The decision taken by the United States and Israel to eliminate China from the 5G telecom network race has made China very restless. The Chinese government media have criticised that this Israeli decision will turn out to be extremely ungrateful. The Chinese mouthpiece warned that his decision would also affect the economic and trade relations between China and Israel. Major countries in the world have already turned their backs on to China in the 5G matter.

As per information revealed by an Israeli newspaper, quoting US officials, important talks were held between the United States and Israel. There were discussions regarding 5G, the most advanced mobile telecom network. The United States suggested that Israel should select a reliable network for this service. The newspaper claimed that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the United States and Israel, that Israel will not select companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party, in view of national security and confidentiality of personal information. The newspaper claimed that an announcement in this respect would soon be made by Israel. A severe reaction has been received from China over the report in the Israeli press. Along with the government mouthpiece, other media in China have also lashed out at the MoU signed by Israel and the United States. It has been criticised that the Israeli decision to eliminate Chinese equipment from the 5G implementation process is deplorable and hence, efforts to remind Israel regarding the past Chinese charities are being taken. The Chinese media is reminding that Shanghai City in China had provided shelter to 30,000 Jews during the second world war. Chinese media are also alleging Israel of being ungrateful by eliminating the Chinese companies from the 5G network implementation.

The English newspaper published from China warned that the MoU, signed between the United States and Israel, will have a detrimental effect of the China-Israel economic and trade relations and will also adversely affect investments in Israel. At the same time, the Chinese government newspaper criticised that the United States is interfering in the internal matters of other countries. The Chinese foreign ministry has reacted on the MoU between the United States and Israel and has targeted only the United States. The Chinese foreign ministry accused the United States of furthering the trade interests of US companies under the pretext of providing a reliable network.

Meanwhile, there is a controversy raging over the Chinese company Huawei, which is connected with the 5G network implementation, and the United States has accused the company of espionage. To avoid transactions with this company, the US state department has prepared Digital Trust Standards. Along with thirty countries of the world, the European Union and NATO have welcomed this US stand. Recently, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia have signed MoUs with the United States. Whereas, the United Kingdom has forwarded the D10 Alliance proposal against China. India, Australia and South Korea are included in the alliance along with the G7 countries.

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