US increasing military deployment in Europe to counter Russia, claims Defense Secretary Mark Esper

Washington: US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper claimed that the United States is deploying its military in the eastern European countries adjoining the Russian border. These steps are being taken to stop Russia. Last month, the United States had announced that the military deployment will be reduced from Germany and will be moved to other countries in Europe. Thereafter, the Russian military issued a severe threat that retaliation against any missile attack against Russia will be nuclear. Against this background, the US Secretary of Defence issuing a statement to stop Russia becomes significant.

America-Russia-MilitaryThe US Secretary of Defence justified the changes in US military deployment saying that the European allies of the United States have welcomed the changes. The new deployments are satisfying US objectives. Despite the change, more than 24,000 US soldiers will remain in Germany, and this will continue to be the most massive deployment of the US military in Europe. It must be taken into account that NATO has expanded and the border has shifted more towards the east.

Only last week, the Polish defence ministry announced that a defence agreement was signed between Poland and the United States. As per the agreement, 5,000 additional US soldiers will be deployed at seven different bases in Poland. Currently, there are more than 4,000 US soldiers in Poland and Poland has proposed to the United States to open an independent military base in the country.

In the month of June, US President Donald Trump approved the plan for military withdrawal from Germany. Trump had expressed his displeasure saying that while the United States is spending more than 4% of the GDP on the security of its allies, a country like Germany is contributing barely 1.2% of the GDP for defence. Thereafter, at the end of July, US Secretary of Defence made the official announcement regarding this. Secretary of Defence Mark Esper claimed that the military deployment restructuring in Europe is within the framework of the US National Defence Policy.

Accordingly, 11,900 out of the 36,000 soldiers deployed at various bases in Germany will be moved out of Germany. 5,600 soldiers will be deployed in Italy, Belgium, Poland and other Baltic countries. At the same time, the headquarters of US European Command and Special Operations Command Europe will be shifted from Stuttgart in Germany to Belgium. US military officials indicated that some of the units, out of the 6,400 soldiers recalled from Germany, may be deployed in the Black Sea region.

Against the background of the US military deployment restructuring, the warning issued by the Russian military also is noteworthy. The Russian military warned that any missile launched on Russia or its allies would be considered a nuclear strike and Russia will retaliate against such an attack with a nuclear strike. Russia has also mentioned the Red Line in the warning and has threatened of dire consequences if the line is crossed.

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