Lebanon government resigns days after Beirut blast

Beirut: The government headed by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, facing the wrath of the Lebanese population following the blast in Beirut and accused of corruption, resigned on Monday. Prime Minister Diab was criticised at this time that the corruption in Lebanon culminated into the explosion. Following the resignation of Prime Minister Diab, the demand for the resignation of President Michel Aoun is gaining ground. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has demanded a transparent inquiry into the Beirut blast.   

More than 200 people died, and more than 6,000 were injured in the blast in the Beirut port on 4th of August. It has been revealed that the cause of the explosion was the unsecured stock of Ammonium Nitrate in one of the warehouses. The Lebanese government is facing severe criticism that despite the warnings issued by the customs officials to the Lebanese government, including President Aoun, no actions were taken. The Lebanese government arrested custom officials along with some other workers from the port in an effort to pacify the Lebanese public. Whereas, the Lebanese President had predicted the possibility of a missile attack, by accusing a foreign hand in the blast.   

The public wrath against the Lebanese government, who has taken the country towards an economic crisis and facing accusations of corruption, was aggravated by the blast. The Lebanese people took to the streets to protest. At the same time, the protestors took over a government ministry and demanded a head-to-toe change in the government. Thereafter, four leaders from the Lebanese government resigned, increasing the pressure on Prime Minister Diab. Prime Minister Diab too resigned on Monday in the evening and announced that elections would be held soon. Diab accused that the epidemic of corruption in the country was responsible for the blast.  

Diab also blamed that corruption is the higher priority in the country than national security. Following the resignation of Diab, the demand for resignation of President Aoun is also gaining ground. Questions are being raised on President Aoun’s stand by his own party colleagues. Iran has started moves to save Lebanon and Hezbollah. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has appealed to not to politicise the Beirut blast. 

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