The US imposes fresh sanctions against Iran, vitriolic reactions from Iran

Third World WarWashington/Tehran: The United States has delivered one more jolt to Iran by imposing sanctions against the ‘Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Limited’. The United States levelled the sanctions accusing the company of supplying funds to Revolutionary Guards, which is declared as a terrorist outfit by the United States.


A day before the announcement of sanctions, French President Emmanuel Macron attempted negotiating with Iran. But as Iran rejected the proposal, the United States announced the sanctions. Iran, in a vitriolic reaction, has termed the US action as economic terrorism. Iran also accused saying the sanctions prove US President Donald Trump is not serious about pursuing negotiations.

Before this, Iran had decided to enhance the nuclear program and increase enrichment of Uranium, after the United States imposed sanctions. At the same time, Iran had prepared to expedite its missile program. Against this background, the French President had proposed negotiations to Iran. There were indications that the French President was coordinating with the US President and Iranian President for this purpose.

US, sanctions against IranHowever, Iran declared that henceforth, it would discuss only the 2015 nuclear deal and is not interested in discussing any other issues. Iranian political leaders warned that compromising the security of the country was not acceptable to Iran. Within one day of this, the US Treasury Department has announced the imposition of new sanctions against Iran.

The new sanctions have targeted ‘Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Limited’. The United States accused the company of supplying funds to the military outfit Revolutionary Guards, declared a terrorist organisation by the United States. It is on this background that the sanctions have been imposed covering 39 affiliate companies of ‘Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Limited’ also.

Nearly 40% of the oil production in Iran, is done by ‘Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Limited’. ‘Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Limited’ has a 50% share in the oil exports of Iran. The US Treasury has imposed sanctions, even against the agents of this company, located in foreign countries.

As expected, a fiery response has been received from Iran. Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi appealed, “These sanctions are a part of the economic terrorism of the United States. The United States has blatantly violated international laws with these sanctions. Therefore, all the countries should bitterly oppose these US sanctions.”

Mousavi accused saying “The US President had proposed talks, to Iran, one week before announcing these sanctions. But the sanctions proved that it was a hollow proposal.”

Further, Iranian oil exports have come under threat with the previous US sanctions. The new sanctions will also rock Iran straining the economy profoundly.

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