20 Saudi Arabian posts captured, claim Houthi rebels from Yemen

Third World WarSana: The Houthi rebels in Yemen have intensified their attacks against Saudi Arabia. The Houthi rebels, who have been carrying out missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia,claimed to have acquired Saudi Arabian military posts. The Houthi rebels claimed to have acquired 20 Saudi Arabian military posts, in Najran Province and also claimed to have killed 200 Saudi soldiers. Saudi has not confirmed the news until now.

The United States and allies have started tightening their noose around Iran, in the Middle East. Iran is trying to flare up violence in other countries, in the Middle East, through its affiliate organisations. It has already been exposed that the Houthi rebels are receiving support from Iran and it is said that Iran has increased this assistance, over the last few months. The Houthi rebels have intensified these anti-Saudi activities on the strength of this increased assistance received from Iran.

saudi arabian, houthi rebels, yemenThe Houthi rebels have initiated attacks against Saudi Arabia from three sides and claimed to have acquired a part of Najran province. This includes the acquisition of 20 Saudi Arabian military posts. The Houthi rebels said that 200 Saudi soldiers were killed in these attacks and large amounts of arms and ammunition have been acquired. The Houthi rebels claimed that the videos of these attacks are available and will be released shortly.

A few days ago, Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman had visited the military bases near the border. Following this visit, the claim of the Houthi rebels to have acquired Saudi military posts in that region becomes significant. Saudi has not confirmed the news, as yet. But the Houthi claims of missile and drone attacks had been proven to be true. Therefore, the declaration of the Houthi rebels of invading the Saudi border and acquiring the military posts becomes sensational.

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