Top EU diplomats hint that China issue will be discussed between US and Europe

Washington: – There are indications that Europe has accepted the proposal given by the US Secretary of State to discuss the China issue. It is being said that these discussions will be held in the next few days, and this comes as a major jolt for China. The United States has declared an open political conflict against China, and China was trying to get Europe to support it against the United States. But since the last few months, there is tremendous resentment in Europe against China, and the European leadership has clearly warned that the bilateral relations will not be the same anymore.   

Since the last few months, the United States has sharpened the edge of the conflict against China against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. The policies and actions of the Chinese communist regime are being exposed, and aggressive decisions are being taken to target them. As a part of the same campaign, the United States is making efforts to form a comprehensive global front against China. The United States is trying to get Europe to join the front. Europe has supported the United States on the issues of Hong Kong and atrocities against the Uyghurs. Going further, the United States is taking steps to get Europe to support it in other matters like 5G, the South China Sea and Taiwan.   

Since the last few months, the United States has raised the issues regarding China in almost every diplomatic discussion with Europe. The US viewpoint is that Europe should adopt a firm stand regarding China. But Europe, the biggest trading partner of China, has not responded very positively to the US demand. Against this background, Europe has given indications of adopting a clearer and more aggressive stand on the China issue by accepting the US proposal for ‘China Dialogue’.  

The European decision comes as a major jolt for China. China has sent two senior leaders, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi, on European visits in the last few months. The objective behind the visits was streamlining relations strained due to the Coronavirus pandemic and garner support against the United States. But the China Dialogue between the United States and Europe indicates that the Chinese hopes seem to have perished.   

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the US Secretary of State will be visiting Europe to discuss Chinese issues with European leadership. Sources informed that Secretary of State Pompeo will be visiting Italy and will try to persuade Italy to exit from the joint projects with China. 

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