40 Pakistani soldiers killed in attack by terrorist on Afghan-Pak border

Islamabad/Kabul: – Two Pakistani soldiers were killed in an attack carried out by the Tehrik-i-Taliban in Northern Waziristan, on Saturday. There are indications that Tehrik-i-Taliban is becoming strong, once again, on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. In the last six months, this organisation has killed 40 Pakistani soldiers and has threatened that attacks will be carried out daily on the Pakistan military.  

Pakistan military had been tipped off regarding terrorists being present in the Miranshah area of northern Waziristan. The military launched a search operation. During the search operation, the Tehrik-i-Taliban terrorists launched a fierce attack on the unit of Pakistani soldiers. Two Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack. The statement issued said that the Pakistan military is continuing the search operation for the terrorists.   

This is the first major attack on the Pakistan military since the beginning of talks between the Afghan government and Taliban. In 2014, the Pakistan military had claimed to have deactivated Tehrik-i-Taliban and other terrorist organisations in Waziristan, following a massive campaign. But the organisations moved their bases to Afghanistan and started moves to reactivate. The increasing attacks on the Pakistan military, since the last few months, indicate that these moves seem to have gained momentum.  

Tehrik-i-Taliban fears that if the Afghan government and Taliban sign a peace deal, Tehrik will lose its bases in Afghanistan. Therefore, it is attacking the Pakistan military in an attempt to set up a base again in Waziristan. For this purpose, Tehrik brought some of the terrorist groups that were active on the Afghan-Pak border together, in July, thus forming a new front. Tehrik has started carrying out attacks using the new front, and they seem to be successful. Since March, Tehrik has killed a minimum of 40 Pakistani soldiers. The people assisting the Pakistan military are also being targeted, and more than 100 people have been killed.   

As per received information, Tehrik-e-Taliban issued a ‘Fatwa’ in northern Waziristan a few days ago. Tehrik-e-Taliban issued a warning, ‘Our war against Pakistan will continue. In the coming days, there will be daily attacks on Pakistani agencies. Therefore, people from this area should not consider returning to this place until peace is established.’ There are concerns, even in the Pakistan military, over the activities of this terrorist organisation and military officials claimed that these increasing attacks are an attempt to bust the peace process in Afghanistan. 

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