China is becoming a threat to US-European security – US Congress & NATO 

Brussels/Washington: – A report by the US Congress warned that the increasing Chinese might and its activities are a threat for the international system and the United States needs to take some more aggressive steps against them. At the same time, NATO, the military front of the United States and Europe, has warned that the increasing Chinese domination is a threat for the security of the United States and Europe. The simultaneous warnings from the United States and Europe draw attention to the ambitions of China, vying to become a global superpower.

China, who emerged as the second-largest economy in the last decade, is desperately trying to attain the top spot in the trade, technology and defence sectors. The ambition of the Chinese communist party is to achieve a position equivalent to the United States in every industry and then surpass the United States to emerge as the only global superpower. There are attempts to get other countries to implement policies and values favourable to China, on the strength of the economic and military might, for this purpose. These Chinese policies have come into the limelight against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic, and strong reactions have started emanating from the international community over it. The reports published by the United States and NATO and the importance attached to the Chinese threats are a part of the same sentiment. The report, NATO 2030: United for a new era, initially mentions the combined threat of Russia and China. It says that the Russian threat can be addressed through the medium of talks and other avenues, but warns that the Chinese threat is bigger and more comprehensive. The report recommends that NATO should give more time and diplomatic and other resources, in the future, to counter the Chinese threat. The report reminds that NATO should be prepared to retaliate against the threat to the security of the NATO member countries because of the increasing Chinese domination in the technology sector and its activities.   

The report mentions that the leaders of the NATO member countries had pointed to the growing Chinese influence, during a meeting, held last year. At the same time, claims had been made that the Russian and Chinese threat are different. The Russian threat is mainly on the military level. But China is implementing a strategic plan using its military and economic might. NATO warned that not only on the economic and military level, but China is also posing a challenge to the NATO policies even in the trade, technology and sensitive facilities.  

While NATO is indicating to prepare to counter the Chinese threat, the US Congress also drew attention to the increasing extent of the Chinese challenges in its annual report. The report published by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission warns that China has become a threat to the international system. China is making moves to beat the United States on economic, military, technology as well as diplomatic levels and advises that there needs to be a persistent and aggressive action taken against it.   

The US Congressional Commission pointed out that Chinese rulers believe that the US values are a threat to the Chinese ambitions and the very existence of the Chinese communist party. The Commission has made 19 recommendations to stop the Chinese threats and advises to take a position of equivalent retaliation in each of the sectors. The report also says that this competition between the two countries has intensified only during the tenure of Xi Jinping and warns that this is the right time to act. 

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