Russia to increase military deployment in the far eastern region, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu 

Moscow: – In view of the rising tension in the Asia-Pacific sector, along with the China border, Russia has decided to increase military deployment in the far eastern regions. Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu announced this. Defence Minister Shoygu informed that 500 units with advanced defence systems and additional military divisions would be deployed.   

China is carrying out major domination activities in the South and East China Sea. The United States has increased its deployment in these regions, to counter the Chinese activities. At the same time, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are making rapid moves for military preparedness. Therefore, the possibility of a war being ignited between China and the United States, in this sector, is being predicted.   

The announcement by Defence Minister Shoygu suggests that, against his background, Russia also has started its preparations. While informing about the additional deployment in the far eastern region, Defence Minister Shoygu also indicated reinforcements in the Russian Arctic Naval fleet, responsible for the security of the Arctic region. Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of President Vladimir Putin, also confirmed the additional deployment, in the far eastern regions. At this time, he levelled an accusation that the tension is the result of activities of a country from outside the sector, without naming the United States.  

Meanwhile, analysts have claimed that the additional deployment in the far eastern region could also be associated with the agitation started by the people in this region, against President Putin. Protests against President Putin are being held, for over a month, in the Khabarovsk city, adjoining the Chinese border. 

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