US embassy in Jerusalem will open next year, announces the US Vice President

Jerusalem : American vice president, Mike Pence, announced ‘The process of shifting the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will start in the coming weeks. By the end of 2019 the American embassy will start functioning in Jerusalem’. During his address at the Israel parliament, vice president Pence said that President Donald Trump was committed about Jerusalem.

US vice president completed his visit to the Middle East region on Tuesday. While addressing the Israeli parliament vice president Pence made the declaration about the Jerusalem embassy. ‘Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and president Trump has already ordered the foreign ministry to shift the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.’ announced Pence.

jerusalem, us, embassy, israel, mike pence,Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the announcement by the American vice president. ‘American president and vice president have made a ‘historical declaration’. The ties between the US and Israel have become the strongest than ever’ said Netanyahu. The Israel prime minister also said ‘The Palestinians should also accept the facts about Jerusalem. If this happens, then the peace talks between the two countries can be started. The talks are very important for the people of both the countries.

Last month, on December 4, US president Donald Trump declared Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The discussion about shifting the American embassy to Jerusalem started after this. American foreign minister Rex Tillerson had claimed that it will take three years to shift the embassy. But the US foreign ministry spokesperson, Heather Nauert, informed that the process of shifting the embassy has been fast tracked.

Meanwhile, the Arab-Israeli leaders had boycotted the address by the American vice president Pence. Also, the Israeli opposition parties had tried to disrupt the Pence address by shouting anti-American slogans. Furthermore, there was a strike called in the West bank and Gaza strip to protest against the Pence visit

We will not allow Iran to go nuclear, states the US vice president

‘The nuclear deal signed by the western countries with Iran was a calamity. US will never accept this deal. We will never allow Iran to become nuclear’ assured American vice president Mike Pence to Israel.

US will not be a part of the nuclear deal with Iran unless it is finalised. Vice president Pence also informed that the US is trying to limit the nuclear and ballistic missile program. Sharp reaction from Iran over the US announcement is expected.