Chinese military is prepared to protect China’s maritime interest: Chinese Defence Minister

China-sea-Chang-Wanquan-XinhuaBeijing : Defense Minister of China – Chang Wanquan has notified that Chinese Military is all set to protect their maritime interests and if situation demands, is also ready to wage war and succeed. Although Chang did not name any specific nation but it seems to be addressed to US and its allies. Chinese President Xi Jinping, couple of days ago has ordered its army to be ready to triumph in war. 

A special programme had been arranged on the occasion of the completion of 89 years of establishment of China’s ‘People’s Liberation Army’ (PLA). Ambassadors of the Embassies of different nations within China were invited for this event. While addressing the invitees, Defense Minister Chang mentioned about their maritime interests. ‘The Military of China will always remain prepared to battle and win as per the nation’s demand’, clarified Chang.

Chinese Defense Minister averted to mention about South China Sea while talking about their maritime interests in his speech. However it is evident that Defense Minister Chang has alerted US and other friendly nations on the basis of the activities that are ongoing since past few weeks over the ‘South China Sea’ dispute.

The International Court of Justice in Hague last month announced China cannot claim ownership over entire oceanic area of ‘South China Sea’. Following this verdict, US instigated China by announcing to deploy their war ships in this region and continue vigilance. Due to these instigations by the US, the army authorities and research analysts in China are extremely outraged.

The Chinese Military officials and research analysts are urging the military to retaliate befittingly against US and other friendly nations intruding into the Chinese territories of ‘South China Sea’. ‘The operations carried out in the 1979 Vietnam War should be replicated by China against the intruders in South China Sea and Chinese army should mutilate these intruders’, a Military officer from PLA demanded on conditions of undisclosed identity.

Meanwhile Zhang Junshe, an analyst at a research group affiliated to Chinese military commented, the growing vigilance by America and other nations in South China Sea is intensifying the strain amidst the region and instigating the Chinese military. Chinese Military officials are demanding President Jinping to  respond against the intruders in the South China Sea.

President Xi Jinping has refrained from laying down any role pertaining to the South China Sea matter. However having met the military few days earlier and advising them to be prepared to win the battle, has clarified everything.

EU should participate in South China Sea patrols : French Defense Minister

france-warshipParis: Defense Minister of France – Jean-Yves Le Drian has appealed all EU nations to begin regular and noticeable patrols in South China Sea. Germany and Britain should take the lead in this regards said the French Defense Minister.

Unlike US, other EU nations can participate in the South China Sea patrols, appealed Defense Minister Jean. Amidst the deployment of American war ships and the harsh reactions by China over the patrols, the appeal by the French Defense Minister has gained increased seriousness.