US launches air strikes on ISIS bases in Libya

US launches air strikes on ISIS bases in Libya

Washington/Tripoli : ‘ISIS terrorists will not get a safe place to hide’, by saying this US launches air strikes on ISIS base in Libya. It is observed that after Iraq and Syria US has expanded its movement against ISIS in Libya.


Last year, in November United Nations backed Libyan government expressed their concerns about increasing activities of ‘ISIS’. Libyan President Fayez Seraz also requested US to attack ISIS in their nation, as there are chances of Libya turning into Afghanistan. Responding to requests from the U.N. backed Libyan government, US President Barack Obama ordered US army to launch air strikes on Libya, following which US warship carrying fighter jets based at Mediterranean Sea air attacked on Libya. Strikes took place in the coastal town of Sirte that ISIS had seized control of.

US launches air strikes on ISIS bases in Libya

There is no idea of how much is the human loss. Libyan government supporting military would be helping these air attacks so that in future Libya’s campaign against ISIS would get velocity, such possibility is expressed by Pentagon.

Number of ISIS terrorists in Libya has increased in last one year. Approximately 5000 ISIS terrorist count is expected in Libya. Terrorists from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other Arab-African countries joined ISIS in Libya. Last year US air attacked Libya after the losses of 125 people in Paris terror attack in which US claimed the death of senior commander of ISIS Abu Nabil.

Libya became embroiled in a chaotic contest for power after the 2011 ouster of Dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The struggle between competing political and armed factions created a vacuum that allowed Islamic State and other extremist groups to thrive. Even though there is a Seraz government in Libya, political opponents are trying to forman independent government.

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