US should not forget the ‘David and Goliath’ story: Russia Foreign Intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin

Third World WarMoscow: The Chief of the Russian ‘Foreign Intelligence Service’, Sergei Naryshkin issued a stern warning by saying, ‘Arrogant United States is like the powerful and overconfident Goliath from the story in the Bible and young David had killed him. The international community should look at this story keenly. If that does not happen then a new Caribbean crisis (Cuban Missile Crisis) will arise out of the tension between the western countries and Russia’. Naryshkin made this statement while speaking about the unnecessary aggressive stand adopted by the western countries against Russia over the poisoning of the former Russian agent.

The Russian Intelligence Chief lashed out at the stand taken by the international community, especially the western countries, over the case of the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal at the International Security Conference held in Moscow. ‘There was no challenge so far for the influence of the western countries. However, now their influence is receding and being challenged but the western countries are not willing to accept this. The western countries have double standards in showing their strength’, sharply criticised Naryshkin.

us, russia, david goliath story, bible, Sergei Naryshkin‘The United States is trying to coverup its dictatorial attitude by naming it the Euroatlantic or international solidarity. As of today, the United States international cooperation is based of force or blackmail and it is given a facade of being accepted at one’s own will. The names of the officials expelled in the Skripal poisoning case is a glaring example of that’, retorted the Russian intelligence chief.

Naryshkin made a sensational accusation that the Skripal poisoning was a conspiracy cooked-up by the United States and the British intelligence. ‘A few European countries refused to take any action against Russia, not paying heed to the United States pressure and this exposes that the closely tied system of the United States has broken down’, lashed out the Russian official. Naryshkin mentioned the ‘David and Goliath’ story in the Bible while talking about the United States system.

‘The western countries including the United States are obsessed due to jealously in targetting the non-existent Russian threat and are making false allegations one after the other’, claimed the Russian Intelligence Chief. Naryshkin pointed out the interference of the western countries and the United States, all around the world under the pretext of democracy and human rights; and the rampant blood-stained anarchy created in different countries, had resulted in the loss of about hundreds of thousands of lives in the last two decades. He appealed that a time had come to ‘reset’ the international relationships.

The David and Goliath Story

us, russia, david and goliathWhenever a strong opponent is defeated by a seemingly ordinary power, the David and Goliath Story is referred. During the 40-day fierce war between Israel and Palestine, a gigantic warrior named Goliath would openly challenge the Israeli soldiers every morning and evening. The King of Israel had announced that whosoever would fight and defeat Goliath, would be rewarded with a lot of wealth and be made his son-in-law. But looking at the gigantic size of Goliath, the Israeli soldiers could not muster the courage to challenge him.

The morale of the Israeli soldiers was going down due to the challenge given by Goliath every day. A young man named David saw the entire episode. He showed the confidence to face Goliath and volunteered for it. He stood in front of Goliath with his sling and five smooth stones. Goliath thought of David as no match for his own strength. But the stone shot by David from his sling after using all his strength, hit Goliath hard on his head. This hit Goliath at the right spot and Goliath collapsed and died instantly.

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