US Congress supports the Hong Kong agitation, China protests  

Third World WarWashington/Beijing: – The US Congress passed three resolutions in support of the Hong Kong agitators. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives in the US Congress, profusely praised the Hong Kong agitators, standing up for justice, and blamed China for not honouring the promise made at the time of taking Hong Kong over, from the British. The decision of the US Congress has boosted the morale of Hong Kong agitators. At the same time, the vitriolic reaction has been received from China. China accused the United States that it is trying to stop China by destroying Hong Kong, the financial hub.  

Two days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had threatened the Hong Kong agitators with dire consequences. Jinping had warned that those trying to divide China, will end up with smashed bodies and crushed bones. In 1989, the demonstrators demanding democracy had been crushed in a similar manner, at the Tiananmen Square. President Jinping warned that the same action can be taken even in Hong Kong. Thereafter, the message that the United States is standing firm behind the agitators in Hong Kong has been delivered with the three resolutions passed by the US Congress.   

The lower house of the US Congress passed a resolution asserting that the people of Hong Kong have a right to protest and denounced the Chinese action against them. Whereas, the second resolution instructs the US Secretary of State, to keep a close watch on the Hong Kong developments. The third resolution states that it should be verified that the weapons used, against the agitators, are not of US make. All three resolutions were passed independently. At this time speaker, Nancy Pelosi praised the Hong Kong agitators and heavily criticised China.   

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, targeted China saying that China promised One Country Two Systems’ to the people of Hong Kong at the time of taking Hong Kong over, from the British, in 1997. But now, China has scrapped this promise. In such a situation, the people of Hong Kong are agitating against the cowardly government. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the United States to take a stern stand against the blatant trampling of human rights, in Hong Kong.’ At the same time, Pelosi said that it is not correct to ignore the murdering of human rights, for financial benefits and expressed regret that finally, the equations of financial gains prevail. Pelosi also asked a question, referring to the Bible, Holy book of Christianity, ‘What is the use of someone amassing the entire wealth in the world, but losing his own identity? 

Meanwhile, China has criticised the resolution in the US Congress, in acrid words. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang slammed that the Hong Kong agitation is an internal Chinese matter. The United States is interfering intending to destroy Hong Kong, a major financial hub.’ Even before this, China had alleged that the United States was encouraging the agitators, in Hong Kong. Whereas, the Hong Kong agitators are carrying the US national flag, with an expectation of assistance from the United States. 


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