European Union is worse than China, claims President Trump

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Washington/Singapore: ‘China is a common enemy for the United States and the European Union. We must unite against China,’ was the proposal given by French President, Emmanuel Macron to President Trump. Macron presented this proposal during his visit to the United States a month ago. But it has been revealed that Trump rejected this proposal right on spot saying that, ‘the European Union is worse than China.’ Most importantly, the White House spokesperson, Sarah Sanders, has not denied this report.

French President Macron had met President Trump on 24th of April during his United States visit. At that time, it was declared that the French President would be discussing the issues of the Iranian nuclear deal and the Syrian conflict.

There’s not much information in the public domain about the discussion between Trump and Macron. But as per the information revealed by the sources in the White House a few hours ago, it was revealed that President Trump had severely criticised the European Union during the discussions with Macron.

Macron, during this meeting, had appealed to President Trump to unite against China, which is a common enemy. White House sources informed that the US President lashed out claiming that the European Union is worse than China. Thereafter, while justifying this criticism, President Trump referred to the trade cooperation with Germany, a major member of the European Union.

Saying, ‘German Chancellor Angela Merkel has imposed large taxes on the US-made cars, whereas the German Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW cars imported into the United States are enjoying tax concessions,’ President Trump clarified that the German as well as the European Union’s cooperation is becoming a headache for the United States.

When the White House spokesperson, Sarah Sanders Huckabee was questioned about the Trump-Macron meeting and the concerned statements, Sanders did not deny the news. Therefore, it is evident that the United States President is disheartened about the trade cooperation with the European Union.

A few hours ago, while addressing a press conference after meeting Kim Jong Un in Singapore, President Trump had criticised the European Union and Canada. President Trump accused that the allies are taking undue advantage of the United States.

President Trump held the former President and his administration responsible for all this. The mistakes made by the former presidents in handling the trade cooperation has allowed China and the European Union to take undue advantage of the United States over many years in the past, claimed Trump.

This has caused losses to the United States economy to the tune of $800 billion in the last few years. Out of this, the loss of $151 billion is because of wrong trade policies of the European Union, Trump accused.

The European Union demands that the United States imports their products, cars with higher taxes. But, the European Union and European countries do not want products from the United States, commented President Trump while talking to the reporters at Singapore.

Trump attacked the false news propagated by the German government regarding his photograph with German Chancellor Angela Merkel taken at the G7 conference.

‘There was a good discussion with Merkel. I had suggested changes to some issues in the agreement with Germany. So I was sitting there and waiting for the new corrected documents after the discussion with Merkel. The cordial discussions we had at that time were later distorted,’ criticised President Trump.

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