French President demands greater US military commitment in international missions

Paris/Washington: – French President Emmanuel Macron appealed that the new US President, Joe Biden, should increase the US military deployments in the international missions. The French President also demanded that efforts should be made to improve the US participation in the military missions in Middle East countries and the counter-terrorism campaigns. Former US President Donald Trump had decided to reduce the US military deployments in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, along with the European countries.

Former President Donald Trump had promised, during his campaign for the Presidential elections in 2016, that maximum US soldiers will be brought back to the country. After that, in 2018, the then US Secretary of Defence, James Mattis, had indicated reductions in the US deployment in Africa, citing Russia and China’s threats to US security. In the last two years, withdrawal of soldiers has been started, and till date, orders have been issued for the reduction in US military deployment in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and Germany. It is being said that out of these, a certain number of soldiers have been withdrawn from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.   

Intense reactions had been received from the political and military circles over this decision taken by Trump. NATO, as well as the US allies, had expressed displeasure over this reduction in deployment. New President Biden had opposed the military withdrawal from Afghanistan during his election campaign. But after announcing Lloyd Austin as the new Secretary of Defence in the last month, Biden had suggested that Austin should make efforts to bring the United States out of a perpetual war scenario. Therefore, there is a restlessness in NATO and other European countries regarding the policies of Biden. Against this background, the statement of French President Macron becomes significant.   

As of date, there are nearly 2,500 US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. Indications are that 2,500 soldiers out of 3,000 soldiers, deployed in Iraq, will be recalled this month. Some of the units out of the 700 soldiers deployed in Somalia are being shifted to other parts of Africa. While the US is reducing its deployment, France has indicated increasing its deployment in Africa. A few days ago, France had announced that its aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, would remain deployed in the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf region.  

Against this background, French President Macron has demanded that the United States should again increase its military deployments in Syria and Iraq. He expressed hope that the Biden administration will soon decide this matter. He informed that 900 French soldiers are currently active in the military fronts led by the United States. Macron also demanded that the US participation should increase in the future multinational defence missions.   

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